Emre Sunu

Dissertation Title

My dissertation,"The Intangible Domain: Leisure, Transgression and Sociability in the fin-de-siècle Ottoman Balkans (1870-1914)," focuses on transgressive social performances on the leisurescape in the late-19th-century Ottoman Balkans and analyzes how the Ottomans navigated and coped with drastic macro-level changes and the ambiguities of the new social and political configuration through leisure and transgression.

Research and Teaching Interests

Cultural history, leisure history, 19th century Balkans and the Mediterranean world, fin-de-siecle popular culture, social boundaries, sociability, edgework, transgression, sports history, world history.

  • B.A in Social and Political Sciences at Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey (2004)
  • M.A. in History at Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey (2007)
  • Researcher at NHRF, Center for Modern Greek Studies, Athens, Greece (2007-2008)
  • C.Phil. in History, University of California, San Diego (2012)