The Center for Hellenic Studies — Studying the history, literature, archaeology, and culture of the Greek world across time and space.

Director's Welcome


Welcome to the Center for Hellenic Studies at UC – San Diego!

We are delighted to announce that the new Director of the Center for Hellenic Studies is Seth Lerer, Distinguished Professor of Literature and former Dean of the Division of Arts and Humanities. 

The Center for Hellenic Studies at UC San Diego offers a unique way to examine the history, culture and physical remains of over 3,000 years of Greek history.  The Center is a vibrant modern forum that fosters an intellectual community nationally and internationally, where local and international faculty, researchers, and students can collaborate and study the Hellenic world.  Our affiliated faculty members and graduate students are housed in the History, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, and Theater and Dance Departments, we have partnerships with institutions in Greece, Italy, Israel, China, and Canada, and we often host visiting scholars from other countries

The Center for Hellenic Studies is a core part of the university's mission.  We look forward to to strengthening our networks with other scholars and institutions and promoting excellence in cutting-edge research.

We thank you for your support.