Digital Archive

The Center for Hellenic Studies has an ongoing project to build out an expansive digital archive, which will detail Greek history, people and settlement dispersion. Once completed, scholars will have access to high-definition renderings of Greek inscriptions, historical manuscripts, oral histories, archaeological surveys and more. The collection will be digitized and made public, allowing all who are interested in learning about the Hellenic world the opportunity to explore by date and region.

Summer Program in Athens

Students at all levels can explore Greek history and archaeology at the center’s summer program in Athens. The program at Athens provides students with an opportunity to visit a number of museums and archaeological sites in Athens, the Peloponnese and Central Greece. Excursions include visits to Corinth, Naflion, Sparti, and Volos, among other sites.

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Students can enroll in language classes in ancient Greek and Latin, as well as courses covering topics such as the history of the ancient Greek world, religion and society in Early Byzantium, the formation and development of Modern Greece, women in antiquity, the works of iconic philosophers like Plato, and more.