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Kourtney Murray


Kourtney Murray finagled her way into UCSD at some point in the mid-nineteen-nineties CE and has devised numerous ways to stick around ever since.  Some of her longer-term commitments have included pursuing her undergraduate degree in Classics from the UCSD Literature Department and (later, after a gap in which she pursued a program of pop culture immersion with an emphasis in yoga) her PhD from the Tri-campus Graduate Program in Classics; she currently spends a significant amount of time lurking in the bowels of the Geisel Library manipulating metadata and transliterating Greek titles.  Most recently, she has had the privilege of teaching both lower- and upper-division Greek and Latin courses and taking philosophers to task over their non-philological approaches to ancient texts.  She spends her free time drinking bad coffee, writing timely pieces for internet publications, and serving as the continuatrix of the legendary “A History of Dawdling.”