Dimitrios Stergiopoulos

My research interests are centered on the transformation of Southeastern Europe and the Middle East from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries due to the incorporation of the region in the capitalist world economy of Western Europe. In my PhD, I am focusing the political views of the Ottoman Christians, with a special emphasis on Ottoman Greeks, in the second part of the nineteenth century. Specifically, I investigate whether the Ottoman Greeks supported the modernizing reforms of the Ottoman state and how they negotiated their status as Ottoman subjects with the potential appeal of Greece, which aimed to serve as the national center for the Ottoman Orthodox Christians. For my research, I am mainly using primary sources from non-state social actors, such as newspapers, pamphlets, ego-documents, biographies, memoirs and private correspondence. 

  • BA in Turkish and Modern Asian Studies - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, 2013
  • MA in Middle Eastern Studies - Leiden University, Netherlands, 2015
  • (Currently) Graduate Student in Department of History in University of California in San Diego, advisor Thomas W. Gallant